Format Shift

This blog has been managed on Tumblr for a few years and is followed by about a thousand people. It’s been a great platform for publishing and reblogging awesome images and artwork. Image posts actually make up the majority and I plan to continue that tradition, especially for cool sharks and awesome astronauts.

Space Man!

Other Cool Things

Graphic design, normally at the forefront of my mind, has been nearly replaced with ideas of programming and front-end web development. Most of this year has been dedicated to learning and growing in that area since front-end development is a moving target that takes discipline to master and dedication follow. While programming and mathematical theory has been around for many many years, the high-level programming layer we call front-end development is still in its infancy. It’s a continual but fruitful challenge to gain full understanding of its components.

This challenge is of great interest to me. This article, and others like it, will serve to better understand web development from its practical and conceptual perspectives. It will fuel my own growth and hopefully it’ll be useful to someone else as well.

I’ll cover the technical details of this transition in another post.