Senior frontend engineer with over a decade of experience building nice things for good people.

Ambrook 2023–Present

Helping build Ambrook!

Stripe 2021–2022

Helped launch the Stripe Apps platform to merchants and developer partners.

  • Proposed, wrote technical designs, documented, and implemented various platform features and components for the distributed UI toolkit.

Successfully shipped a redesign of the Stripe Dashboard navigation that led to a measurable improvement in user engagement.

Architected and patented part of an internal view container mechanism.

Apple 2014–2021

I designed prototypes, built custom tooling for designers, and engineered web and native applications across various platforms. Most of my work has launched as interactive web experiences on apple.com.

I also spearheaded collaborative efforts with designers while leading large teams of talented developers.

RED Interactive 2012–2014

Helped the front-end team to define the technical process and strategy for projects. I interviewed and evaluated candidates, assessed the team’s skills to distribute appropriate workloads and coordinated with other teams to establish cross-departmental continuity. I also did hands-on development for various projects and worked with project team members to successfully ship responsive, aesthetically-pleasing, engaging user experiences for the web.